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Roots & Branches Int'l Min.
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About Us 有關我們

Purpose 目的: To bridge churches and Israel under God’s love & to restore the biblical truths about Israel and Jewish roots. 
事工目的: 這是一個在上帝的愛中連結教會與以色列 並恢復聖經裡對以色列和猶太根真理的教導 .

Mission 使命: To educate, and promote biblical and contemporary understanding of Israel and the Jewish people to the church, to help Christians understand their roles in God’s heart, and to restore the original Jewish roots in the Bible, so that the blessings of God can flow to the nations (Gen 12:3~4; Romans 11:11~12). 
使命: 教導與推廣聖經和現代有關以色列與猶太人的知識使教會了解,並且幫助基督徒明白他們在上帝心意裡的角色,並且恢復原來在聖經裡的猶太根源,使得上帝的祝福可以流到列國 (根據創世紀12:3-4和 羅馬書11:11-12).

Affirmations 肯定: a). We affirm God’s eternal covenant with the Jewish people and the nation of Israel in their physical restoration, b). We stand against all forms of antisemitism, and replacement theology (super-cessionism).