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Roots & Branches Int'l Min.
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2019 Upcoming Events 未來的活動:

* Jan. 26th, 2019 (7 pm~9 pm) R&BIM Guest Speaker : Mr. David Rubin, President of Shiloh Israel Children Fund, Israel

示羅以色列兒童基金會創會與會長 DAVID RUBIN(Shiloh示羅市前市長)灣區分享

根與枝子國際事工 Roots & Branches International Ministries/ 協辦單位:南灣愛修基督教會以色列團契 cohost with the Israel Fellowship of South Bay Agape Christian Church in San Jose, CA.

* 3/17 R&BIM Conf.: Prophetic Ministry with Rev. Ed Traut (R&BIM Advisor) @ SBACC (cohost with Israel Fellowship of SBACC), San Jose, CA

* 3/21 (7 pm) R&BIM Prayer Mtg. 禱告會: Purim 普珥節 Celebration @ SBACC Chapel, San Jose, CA

* 4/20 (6:30 pm) R&BIM Prayer 禱告會/ Passover 逾越節 Mtg,: (RSVP Required/ Registration is full and closed), San Jose, CA

* 6/1 R&BIM President invited to blow Shofar at the opening and closing of 2nd Annual Silicon Valley Prayer Walk in San Jose, CA sponsored by VAC. 

* 6/1~7/1 R&BIM President visited Israel and attended the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast in Jerusalem, Israel and The Hague, Netherlands (was invited to blow the Shofar at the opening & closing of the 1st JPB in the Netherlands)

* 7/8~9 R&BIM President joins with the Annual CUFI DC Summit in Washington D.C.. 

* 8/3~4 R&BIM Conference with Pastor Mark Biltz, "Hebraic Roots & Us Conference"("Decoding the Anti-Christ and the End times解碼敵基督及末世特會"in San Jose, CA) (* Speaker notes are posted on under "Blog") cohost with SBACC (South Bay Agape Christian Church南灣愛修基督教會) (English Ministry, Chinese Ministry, and Israel Fellowship) in San Jose, CA and SWC (Shkhinah Worship Center榮神敬拜中心) in Los Altos, CA.

* 12/4 R&BIM Annual Board of Directors Mtg. 董事會

* 12/10~27, 2019 Israel Trip 以色列之旅 "歡慶獻殿節聖誕節以色列之旅" 報名表 to register please click 請按:(