Other Links


https://www.alltribesdc.org/ (All Tribes DC美國第一民族華府機構, Bixby, OK, USA)

www.cufi.org (Christians United for Israel 基督徒支持以色列聯盟, San Antonio, TX, USA)

https://esm.us/ (Ps. Mark Biltz, El Shaddai Ministries全能神機構, Tacoma, WA, USA)

https://fozmuseum.com/(Friends of Zion Museum 錫安之友博物館, Jerusalem, Israel)

https://hapn.us/ (Heartland Apostolic Prayer Network, Oklahoma City, OK, USA)

https://serveisrael.com/ (HaYovel, Volunteer in Israel)

https://int.icej.org/ (International Christian Embassy 耶路撒冷國際基督徒協會, Jerusalem, Israel)

https://levlalev.com/ (Lev Lalev Orphanage and Children’s Home, Israel)

http://www.nationsworship.org/(Nations Worship Center, TX, USA)

https://www.shilohisraelchildren.org/zh-hant (Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund 以色列兒童基金會, Israel)

www1.cbn.com (Christian Broadcasting Network, Virginia Beach, VA, USA)

www.propheticlife.com (Rev. Ed Traut, Prophetic Life Ministry, San Antonio, TX, USA)

https://www.southbayagape.org/ (南灣愛修基督教會 South Bay Agape Christian Church, San Jose, CA, USA)

https://www.schindlersark.com/ (Schindlers Ark, San Diego, CA, USA)

https://www.tjcii.org/ (Towards Jerusalem Council II)

https://mjaa.org/ (Messianic Jewish Alliance of America)

https://www.umjc.org/ (Union of Messianic Jewish Congregation) 

https://www.tsemachadonai.org/  (Tsemach Adonai Congregation, Los Gatos, CA, USA)

https://www.wellversedworld.org/ (Well Versed World, San Diego, CA, USA)

www.yadvashem.org (The World Holocaust Remembrance Center 世界大屠殺紀念中心, Jerusalem, Israel)

Reference Book Recommendations:

“Our Father Abraham, Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith”, 2nd Edition by Prof. Marvin R. Wilson (Wm.B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.), 2021. 

“Our Hands Are Stained With Blood, the Tragic story of the “Church” and the Jewish people” by Dr. Michael L. Brown. Destiny Image, 1992.

Kasdan, Barney. God’s Appointed Times. Leder Books, a division of Messianic Jewish Publishers. MD: 1993.

Online Bible Links:

https://www.biblegateway.com/versions/Tree-of-Life-Version-TLV-Bible/ (Tree of Life Bible)

https://www.biblestudytools.com/cjb/hebrews/12.html (Complete Jewish Bible)

https://www.onenewmanbible.com/ (One New Man Bible)