URGENT ACTION NEEDED by August 15th: Stop Anti-Israel Hate in California Public Schools

Please go to the following website for info and fill out the form to stop the Anti-Israel Hate in California Public Schools~


The Deadline for CA Residents to voice your opinion is August 15th, 2019.

See info from “Stand With Us” below~

The State of California is currently reviewing a model Ethnic Studies curriculum, which openly promotes hateful boycotts against Israel and omits antisemitism as a form of bigotry. Disturbingly, this agenda was inserted into an educational effort meant to teach students about marginalized communities. Moreover, despite its stated purpose, the proposed curriculum includes no lessons about Jews as a sizeable ethnic minority and frequent target of racism. THE TIME FOR YOU TO SPEAK UP IS NOW.  California residents have until August 15th to voice concerns, so please submit respectful comments before the deadline and share this alert with other people in California. We especially encourage parents, high school students, and educators to comment and share how this model curriculum will impact them personally.” 

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